We believe in providing an integral luxury saunas and spas service. From the conception to design and equipment installation all the way to the final user experience.

MIST's goal to combine a strong engineering background with the highest standards users' experience has established a continuous growing list of long term partnership agreements from design and build to user experience, counting with the most well-known Sauna and Spa equipment manufactures along side a range of worldwide distributors of luxury Amenities and Spa Products.

About MIST

MIST is a Luxury Sauna and Spa Engineering Company established in 2018 and servicing the biggest integrated Luxury Hotel Resorts throughout Southeast Asia.

Partnering with the world reference brands from Sauna and Spa equipment to Spa Products and Amenities, MIST is a reference company in the sector in our mission to provide integral and professional services to our clients to guarantee the highest standard user experience.

Our commitment to reduce the sector environmental footprint results in our client's long term operation efficiency and investments' savings as a direct reflection of our quality services along with the equipment and products supplied.

Our SPA Partners: