Ibiza is carried in your heart

A Perfume that evokes the scent of the island's nature

The Hierbas de Ibiza brand has conceived one of the most successful products on the island in our times. Its perfume was born in 1965 as an exclusive fragrance that the jewellers 'Torres' Family offered to their clients. However, in 1997, the current generation took up the essence and marketed it worldwide.

The Brand

Hierbas de Ibiza is considered a 'cult brand' that pays tribute with its creations to the spirit of the island: true luxury resides in the small pleasures of life. For this reason, Hierbas de Ibiza amenities are perfect for high-level and charming accommodations that want their guests to feel unique and welcome.

The Fragrance:


From the Mediterranean with love.

Smells clean and we like it.

Aloe Vera

Every farmhouse used to have this vegetable medicine cabinet. Hierbas de Ibiza use the Barbadensis Miller variety, which concentrates more properties

Lemon and Orange Peel

That revitalising punch of freshness that comes from citrus

Orange Blossom

Floral Background note, with a marked Spanish accent


Who has never been seduced by its aroma while passing by at sunset?


It is so abundant on the island that the one Hierbas de Ibiza distill is collected wild


The essential oil obtained from sage grown in Ibiza unfolds its unmistakable personality in Hirbas de Ibiza Fragrance


As known as FrĂ­gola in Ibicenco; an old acquaintance on the island that brings new nuances to the brand's fragrance


Do you feel that pleasant sensation of elasticity and hydration in the skin? It is not by chance...


...a fresh scent from the Mediterranean Islands.

Shower Gel 40 & 300ml

"Fresh like the dew of dawn."

It leaves the body with that pleasant sensation of freshness that makes you fell good!

Body Lotion 40 & 300ml

"Moisturising, with Almond Oil and Beeswax."

To end the daily bathing ritual with a smooth and soft touch, but not greasy skin.

Shampoo 40 & 300ml

"Foamy, like the waves of the sea."

Cleansing you hair is almost a pretext because using this shampoo is a real pleasure!

Conditioner 40 & 300ml

"Soft, like a sunset."

Incorporates Aloe Vera. Leaves the hair loose, detangled and frizz-free, ready for styling.

Hand Soap 40 & 300ml

"Just like the one we've always had..."

... and even fresher!


Shaving Kit

Dental Set

Vanity Kit

Shower Cap


Shoe Shine



The products incorporate the inimitable fresh Herbs of Ibiza unisex fragrance that captures the essence of the Mediterranean island. So called because they are a must-have in any upscale or luxury accommodation. The ones with the highest added value, as a precious gift that shines among the room amenities and that will immediately attract the gaze when passing through.