Cosmetics for Body & Soul

Welcome to a world, where the ethereal and the subtle combine in a harmony of essences that remain in the memory when we are gone.

One of the favourite beauty parlours of national and international celebrities and a benchmark of holistic, cosmopolitan beauty in Spain, and a pioneer in introducing new trends into the country.

The Lab Room Beauty Collection is available in Fred Segal of Los Angeles and California, Orlando Pita’s Salon in New York and La Beauté in Hong Kong. One of their star products has just been awarded the Editor's Choice Beauty Shortlist Awards prize.

Natalie Portman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer López, Plácido Domingo and Penélope and Mónica Cruz have put their trust in The Lab Room for their most important events. They have been present at the Golden Globe Awards, exhibiting the “Madrid” and “Spain” across the world.

The Brand

The Lab Room Beauty Collection Unites the ancient cosmetic and perfumist tradition of ancestral worlds and submerges us in a journey through the five senses...

Textures, fragrances and sensations are fundamental in the philosophy of this collection. The freshness of the Mediterranean always dreamed envelops us with citrus notes, fig smell, and the orange blossom in the fields... The mystery of Asia is blurred in bursts of ylang-ylang, myrrh and bourbon geranium... and always the aroma of roses, the sensuality of jasmine, the longevity of cedar...

Mónica Ceño is an expert in creating custom perfumes for hotels, skin expert at Loreal Paris and founder of the beauty salon The Lab Room, and its exclusive cosmetic lines based on aromatherapy combined with botanical extracts.

A luxurious set of amenities was specially designed for the best hotels across the world, with exquisite ingredients and fragrances, taking the experience of the beauty ritual to hotel rooms in order to maintain your skin and hair healthy, wherever you may be.

Red Pomegranate Amenities Collection:

A Luxurious bath line with our famous fragrance of Red Pomegranate with notes of Apricot, Jasmin, Mimosa, Ambar and Musk.

Perfect for turning your bathroom into a beautiful spa.

Bath Gel 40 & 300ml

Use once and become addicted to the famous fragrance of the Pomegranate

Shampoo 40 & 300ml

Use once and become addicted to the famous fragrance of the Pomegranate

Conditioner 40 & 300ml

Use once and become addicted to the famous fragrance of the Pomegranate

Hand Wash 40 & 300ml

Protects the hands and nourishes the skin

Hand & Body Lotion 40 & 300ml

A light and silky lotion with bio Argán for hands and body, easy to apply. Leaves skin soft with a subtle fragrance

The Lab Room Beauty Collection, an exclusive cosmetic line, unisex, sophisticated, cosmopolitan and innovative, born as an alternative to massive cosmetics.