“Indulge yourself”

Reverence de Bastien is a range of care and beauty products created by Bastien Gonzalez, committed to offering a range of products combining care, natural beauty and medical expertise.

If Bastien Gonzalez is now recognized worldwide for his playful and unique approach to care products, he is focused on developing concepts that summarise his philosophy and resemble him.

Create Emotion

The care must be a sensational experience in the first sense, which acts on the five senses. A care “Reverence Bastien” is a great moment of luxury and pleasure that is remembered for a long time with a range of products that were sensual and generous, and his work with French cosmetics specialists has given rise to:

  • Effective formulas built around natural ingredients and essential oils.

  • Textures that are ideal to optimize the pleasure of touch.

  • Fragrances that have been developed to create a delicate, refined sensory universe.

These formulas have evolved over time into cult products, such as the famous Sensitive Feet Balm, the Black Diamond Scrub or the Unguent for nails and cuticles.

Free from Parabens, all products are made with natural ingredients, extracts from plants and essential oils. Our products are also Cruelty Free, they are not tested on animals.

Natural Ingredients Menu:

Each ingredient is selected for its properties and benefits in order to provide you with a naturally effective treatment. Our plants and raw materials are principally from France and we work hard to offer you products with simple, natural and targeted formulas.


Native mainly to Europe, Asia and North Africa, Watercress grows with its roots in water and its head in the sun. It is known as a semi-aquatic plant.


Of the Asteraceae family, native to North America. Consist of downy leaves and a large yellow or orange captive.


Babassu is a species of palm tree (Arecaceae family) that is native to America (Guyana, Suriname. Brazil. Bolivia).


Bamboos are monocotyledonous plants belonging to the Poaceae family.

Bamboos have adapted to many climates and are naturally present on all continents except Europe and Antarctica.

Borneol Thyme

It is a compact sub-shrub Its grows in the wild and survives in the poorest, driest and hardest areas of scrub land and rock outcrops.

It resists heat through the evaporation of its essential oil, which it reproduces at night.

Calendula Officinalis

A short-lived perennial herbaceous plant species often grown as an annual, with yellow or orange-yellow flowers that bloom from the early days of spring can last almost all year round. It is sometimes called Marigold.


Flowering plant of the Theaceae family originating from the Himalayan chain East and south East Asia. Most species flower in winter.

Clary Sage

Biennial herbaceous perennial plant of Lamiaceae family, native to southern Europe and Western Asia

Cotton Tree

Herbaceous or woody, cotton is the fibre that surrounds the seed of cotton plants, which grow in tropical and subtropical arid regions.

Cypress of Provence

Cypress is an evergreen tree in the Cupressac es family, native to the warm temperature regions of the northern hemisphere.

Officinal Lavander

A bush of the Lamiaceae family

Rice Bran Oil

From the family Poaceae and native to the tropical regions of Asia, Oryza saliva is a herbaceous

plant with upright.


This tropical herbaceous oilseed plant is one of the oldest cultivated (as early as 2500 BC in Mesopotamia, Syria and Palestine.)


Belonging to the Asteraceae family, sunflower is a plant whose flowers are grouped into large heads. All species are native to North America.


Native mainly to Europe, Asia and North Africa, Watercress grows with its roots in water and its head in the sun. It is known as a semi-aquatic plant.

“Above all, each product aim to provide you with the expertise of French chiropodists in their formulas. The natural beauty is the main priority.

Textures are sensual and generous. All olfactory identities are delicate and refined. Because taking care of your hands and feet should always be a pleasure.”